Air connections

The air flights connect Murmansk with:

  • Finland: Helsinki via Rovaniemi
  • Sweden: Stockholm and Gothenburg via Lulea
  • Norway: Olso and Tromso
  • Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Arkhangelsk and other cities of Russia

If you are travelling by Finnair or Blue1 (the Finnish flight company) your arrival and departure airport may vary. From Salla (airport Kuusamo) and from Ivalo are regular public bus connections. So ask your tour agency to let you arrive or depart from Salla or Ivalo. We can also organise a personal transfer by car, mini bus or touring car (depending on group size) from the Russian site. That is much cheaper and all services are in one hand.

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Railway connections

The railway carries out the main domestic passenger transportation in Russia. Also from Moscow and Saint Petersburg you can easily reach Murmansk. When you have your holiday in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, consider to expand your holiday in the north. Travelling by train is a cheap option and a very nice experience. Travel first class in a two persons coupe through the wild forests of Karelia varied by beautiful small villages, hills and lakes with magnificent views. The (sleeping) train stops in many villages and cities on its way and you can go out for small visits or to buy the freshest fish, meat, beverages and food from the season picked up by the locals. Also the restaurant in the train offers many possibilities. The trip takes from Moscow to Olenegorsk 34 hours (two nights and one day) and from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk 26 hours (one night and one day). But the trains also contains second class 2-persons, 4-persons and 6 coupes. For more information contact us or visit our train holidays pages Train holidays.

Summer Winter holidays Kola Peninsula Russian Lapland Murmansk

Bus connections

Regular bus lines connect Murmansk with Ivalo Finland and Kirkenes Norway. Now there is also a bus connection to Salla Finland. If you are in Finland or Norway, jump over the Russian border and experience the difference between the countries. You can cross the Russian border close to Salla, Ivalo and kirkenes (Norway) using the regularly public bus connections.

Rovaniemi - Kemijärvi

Departure Rovaniemi:11:30Arrival Kemijärvi:12:50


DaysKemijärviSallaSalla border
crossing point
Monday - Thursday15.3016.3017.1021.55

The time tables contain local times.

Contact us if you like to visit Russia and we will send you up to date information.

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Information for motorist about traffic rules and Liability Insurance

Nowadays all motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars etc) driving on the territory of the Russian Federation must have a Liability Insurance. You can order the Liability Insurance via our office (price for a the minimum validity period of 2 weeks is about EUR 65,--, depending on the amount of horse power of the car).

Rules of the road traffic is international. It is obligatory to have the lower beam on while driving your car outside the cities. It is necessary to use the seat belts if sitting on the front seats during driving. In case of a car accident you have to switch on the emergency signal (blinkers) and immediately inform traffic police ДПС (DPS) by phone (emergency number: 112) or ask the drivers of passing by cars to do that for you. In general Russian drivers are willing to help.

The prices of fuel in Murmansk region are lower then in Finland and Norway (about half price!).

Summer Winter holidays Kola Peninsula Russian Lapland Murmansk

Tour operators and Travel agencies

We co-operate with many tour operators and agencies in your country. They have experience in the best and cheapest way of travelling to us, they can add extra's as other (sightseeing) programs, extra overnights in interesting cities et cetera. When you can not find a suitable tour agent in your neighbourhood, don't hesitate to contact us and we will help to find the best suitable solution for you.

Summer Winter holidays Kola Peninsula Russian Lapland Murmansk

Other information

Information about money exchange, credit-cards, emergency services and cellular communication you can find on our Useful Information webpage.

Summer Winter holidays Kola Peninsula Russian Lapland Murmansk