Watch Aurora Borelis with Kola Travel in cooperation with the Polar Geophysical Institute on Kola Peninsula. Guided Aurora Borealis safaris.

Aurora Borealis

seen from space

Guided Aurora Borealis safaris

on Kola Peninsula

in cooperation of the Polar Geophysical Institute.

Aurora Borealis Safaris

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is a unique natural phenomenon, the dancing fluorescent ribbons that light up the night sky in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions. Living on the Kola Peninsula we have a great opportunity to observe this most impressive light show – lasting from a few minutes to several days – for more than 150 nights during a year, from the middle of August until the end of April.

During day light time we offer different kind of programs for everyones taste. You can choose from safaris which contains activities like husky sledding and snowmobiling or choose a more sportive safari with cross country or alpine skiing or a passive safari with cultural visits and sightseeings. We also offer combinations of activities, just see the itineraries in the safari overview below.

When it is getting dark and we have a possitive Aurora Borealis forecast, you will be invited for the “Aurora hunting”.

How we forecast Aurora Borealis?

Our Aurora Borealis Safaris are very professional; we work together with the Polar Geophysical Institute (PGI) in the centre of Kola Peninsula. The PGI uses satellite technology for forecasting Aurora Borealis. They measure the sun activity and can see Aurora Borealis from above the clouds. If the Aurora Borealis forecast is positive, PGI checks the sky above Kola Peninsula for open places (no clouds) via the weather forecast satellites and inform us.

If there is the good broadcasting for Aurora Borealis the guide (an employee of PGI) comes to collect you by a car, minibus or bus - depening on group size - for the “Aurora hunting”. This way of cooperation guarantees you as participant a positive observation.

The Last winters were perfect for experincing the Aurora Borealis and the coming winters are predicted as very good for observing Aurora Borealis. PGI describe this period as Solar Maximum. It means the sunspot activity is at its height. The sunspots produce solar flares creating the Aurora Borealis when they hit the earth’s atmosphere which results in Aurora Borealis.

We cannot book Aurora Borealis from The God 😊 to guarantee the clear cloudless sky. You need a bit of luck to catch the "Glimpse of fortune". Beside Aurora Borealis watching – you can participate on different winter activities as well as sightseeing on the specific area named Kola Peninsula.

Aurora Borealis safaris overview