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About Kola Travel ....


«Kola Travel Plc» operates in Noordwest Rusland en is specialist in visvakanties op het Kola Schiereiland.

Kola Travel was founded by the husband-and-wife team van Frank en Svetlana de Wit, who together represent a wealth van local knowledge en many years van experience in de European toerist industry. Frank is originally van de Netherlands, where voor 15 years he owned his own firm - NorTrek - which specialized in aktieve toers in Scandinavia. Svetlana, born en raised in de Moermansk regio, is a professional tourism manager en English-Rusland interpreter, en has been involved in de tourism industry op het Kola Schiereiland since the late Soviet years.


Everything that we at Kola Travel do, we do in a quality manner. We can do this because we possess an Excellente infrastructure en equipment base, skilled en experienced staff, well-established toer routes en excursies, en reliable partners. In those situations where we cooperate met partners based in different regios of European Rusland, such as Moskou, Sint Petersburg en Karelië, the quality van service always remains at the same high standard as when Kola Travel is directly involved.


We at Kola Travel maintain the following priorities:

  • choosing the very best options when organizing toers;

  • individuele service voor each client;

  • the maximum attention naar clients’ needs, requests en inquiries;

  • reasonable rates;

  • the exclusive use van highly-qualified personnel;

  • quality service;

  • stable relationships met partners.

At Kola Travel we understand perfectly that each client expects a well-georganiseerd vakantie in a positive atmosphere, en we take great care naar provide exactly that.


The best vakanties are always those that contain an element van Avontuur. The Kola Schiereiland is an ideal regio voor those people who are attracted naar de unusual en unpredictable, en naar extreme omgevingen en untrammelled wildernis. Kola Travel has gathered together the best that Noordwest Rusland has to offer, in order naar provide you met an unforgettable experience.




Address en contacts:

In Kirovsk:

Sovjetskaya street 8
Oktyabrsky, Kirovsk
Moermansk regio
184250 Rusland Federation


In Monchegorsk:

Lenin Avenue 15/2-11
Moermansk regio
184511 Rusland Federation




+7 81536 57099

+7 8153671313
+7 911 310 9097
+7 921 287 1311
+7 921 289 9811


Disclaimer: Kola Travel intends naar have an up-to-date website about aktieve vakanties op Kola Schiereiland Rusland; Russisch Lapland en Moermansk regio. Kola Travel can not be hold responsible voor the given information.

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